Thursday, August 27, 2015



Each android device users will want their devices to be used with a long time without recharging. But unfortunately the problem of battery life you will make you frustrated with your device. You must find the source of extra battery power for everyday use as an example of such a power bank, battery capacity is larger than the standard, extra batteries and other
The idea of using the power banks is good but you have to remember that the use of power bank or battery charger that is too often is highly discouraged, especially during the make outgoing calls or during heavy use, such as playing games.It would be shorten your battery life actually.

So how to reduce the number of times the charging device? Here I want to share some tips to reduce battery power consumption on your android device and extending battery lifespan


  1. Avoid charging the battery when making calls or heavy use.
  2. Start charging the battery in the range of 10% ~ 20%. Try to avoid using up the battery runs out or until the device turns itself off.
  3. Trying to charge continuously without interruption devices up to 80% and above.
  4. Avoid the device is charging times are too long, such as charging all night. unplug the charger once the battery reaches 100% (fully charged)


How to reduce resistant terminal
  1. Check the condition of the battery terminals. (removable only)
  2. Clean the battery terminals with an eraser (removable only)
    There is a layer of white and black on the battery terminals before cleaning.This is caused by oxidation of terminal causes contact between the battery and the pin is less efficient
  3. Clean the battery terminal pin on the device (removable only)
  4. Clean the terminal pin on the charger using contact cleaner spry. (Please make sure the charger is power off before cleaning and make sure it is completely dry before using it. Short-circuit can occur when still in wet conditions)

Please note, use a sharp object like a knife or hard objects is not recommended at all. Because it can damage the surface of the terminal. Do not use corrosive chemicals because it will harm to your device

If necessary, change the USB cable every 2 years. better yet use the USB cable that was made by the original manufacturer

Device Settings

  1. Turn off wifi, bluetooth, NFC, GPS, data when you are not using it.
  2. Activate power saving mode
  3. Manually set the screen brightness to the lowest you can still see the display. Using auto screen brightness is good, but it uses energy to the light sensor. You can make a test which one is better and choose the best one
  4. Disable haptic feedback
  5. Reduce the use of sensor devices such as proximity sensors, temperature sensors, humidity sensors, barometric sensors, light sensors, etc.
  6. Switch to GPRS mode only when not using the device. placing mode 3G or 4G is using more energy to communicate between devices and transmitters. More fast more power is needed.
  • Auto mode 2G / 3G / 4G there are advantages and disadvantages, advantages of auto mode will switch automatically in accordance with the signal strength of an area. And this mode will select the strongest signal among three types of modes.This will reduce the energy of the device to communicate with the tower. More distant and weak signal, the more energy is needed. But not necessarily auto mode is the best. Frequency conversion mode also causes more energy consumption, where the process of handover between the two types of signal requires more energy. More frequent exchange mode more energy is needed. Worse, if the device in an auto mode and the device is on the border forces of the two types of mode, device will be more frequent to exchange the mode. So choose the mode that matches the area you are in.


Based on my experience, the power consumption of the batteries over to the applications used on the device. So take care when choosing applications to install. Avoid too many apps installed on your device. Install the application that you just really need only. For more information about application section please go to this link (link will provide soon)