Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Today i would like to share with you in how to make your own built-in system recovery on Win 7 OS.


As we know, most laptops sold in the market have its own recovery system. For example, the manufacturer Lenovo has called the One-key system recovery. The system has its own disk partition that has been created by the manufacturer.Unfortunately when there is damage to the hard disks such as mechanical damage or electronic systems such as short test failed on the hard disk, the damage is covering the whole partition including the recovery partition. So with no other option we had to buy a new hard drive to replace it. To restore system recovery partition, only the manufacturer can do so. If you have a warranty, send it to them. If your warranty has expired, this is an alternative way to create the recovery partition.


Below are things to do before creating system recovery:
  • New fresh windows already installed with drivers, software (eg Office, Antivirus and others). Please take note, the more software you install more space you need. just enough basic needs.
  • Windows 7 installation disk. If not, create a system repair disc by clicking Start> Control Panels> Backup and Restore> Create a System Repair Disk and burn it. I prefer to use System Repair Disk to reduce space usage.
  • Space partition at least 30GB. Depend software that installed on your system
  • EasyBCD software

Follow the step below
  1. Insert the windows 7 installation disk or system repair disc.
  2. Copy all the items in the disk into the system recovery partition.
  3. Run EasyBCD. Create boot - New entry> WinPE>Rename boot (eg. Reovery)>Path>Browse Recovery partition>Source>Boot.wim>Open>Add Entry
  4. Edit countdown time - Edit Boot Menu > Change time (in sec) > Save Settings
  5. Uninstall EasyBCD if you do not need such change countdown time. If you need just leave it.
  6. Disconnect the internet connection before making system recovery. Prevent software updates during the process. Close all application.
  7. Create system image - Start> Control Panels> Backup and Restore> Create a System Image
  8. Tick On a Hard Drive. Select recovery partition and System partition only (eg. C: Drive)
  9. Wait till finish . (20-30min) depend on your system. Done

How to protect the recovery partition from the user accidently modified (eg edit, delete and format) the partition:
  1. Right-click on recovery partition > Properties > Security > Edit > Set all permission  user account include administrator to READ-ONLY > OK
  2. Right-click My computer > Manage > Disk Management > Right-click Recovery Partition > Change drive letter and path > Remove.

Now you have your own system recovery. No need to bring your recovery disk or windows installer.If the system partition windows corrupted or want to re-format the windows partition, just boot into recovery and load a system image system that you have created earlier. No need to install drivers one by one and application.

Special thanks to neosmart.net for EasyBCD